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A2 Surveys, providing dedicated and accurate land surveying.

A2 Surveys
Accurate and reliable land surveying…

A2 Surveys

Providing accurate and reliable land survey.  A2 Surveys LLC serves all of Connecticut and can provide all types of land surveying for residential properties.  There are many types of land surveys which we can conduct, some of which include property or perimeter surveys, improvement location or zoning location surveys, topographic surveys or even boundary stakeout surveys.  In addition, we also prepare elevation certificates for homeowners in floodplains and septic system replacement plans for those people who need them.

Regardless of the service, all of our work is performed in strict compliance with regulations as defined in the Standards for Surveys and Maps in the State of Connecticut as adopted by the Connecticut Association of Land Surveyors, Inc.  Additionally our mapping will comply with your local land use requirements.

Our Commitment To You

Accuracy & Detail

Effective land surveying will provide clients with information that is crucial before starting any construction or land development project.

Built on Trust

By focusing on the needs of each individual client we establish a relationship built on trust which allows us to properly survey a land site.

Land Surveying

If you are a property owner or developer and have any questions about land surveying you need to speak with A2 Surveys.