About A2 Surveys

Welcome to A2 Surveys, LLC

A2 Surveys is a second generation family owned company providing accurate and reliable land surveying and engineering services throughout Connecticut. While we have the expertise and capability to provide services for a variety clients on almost any size and type of project we have chosen to focus our attention on providing quality services to homeowners such as yourself.

Whether it is a Boundary Stakeout Survey to install a fence or remove some trees or an Improvement Location Survey for the construction of an addition, garage or pool we are there for you.  Not only do we take the mystery out of land surveying but we also guide you through the complex web that is the local land use process by assisting with variances, site plans, and compliance issues.

Accuracy and Reliability

Accuracy is crucial when it comes to surveying and we take great pride in our work by taking our time, doing things correctly and never cutting corners.  We go the extra mile to ensure that our surveys and mapping are done correctly and that our clients are completely satisfied.  With A2 Surveys you can rest assured that you will get the correct location of land boundaries, topographic features, encroachments, etc. so you are fully prepared and informed for any project.

Reliability is one of the most fundamental aspects of customer retention and we would not be in business if we did not strive to always do what we have promised.  Let’s face it, you have many options when it comes to selecting a land surveyor.  Here at A2 Surveys we make every effort to mold our relationship with you into an open, continuous, and cordial one.  We go out of our way to prove to you why we deserve your business.  We’ve built our business reputation by providing certainty not only in the quality of our work but also in the quality of our relationship with our clients.

Built on Trust

By focusing on the needs of each individual client we establish a relationship built on trust. From the initial contact the difference between A2 Surveys LLC and other surveying firms is clearly evident. We listen to our clients and ask questions to better understand why a homeowner is contacting our firm and exactly they need. We never up-sell our services and we always provide homeowners with a no obligation written proposal. Our agreements are generally delivered within twenty-four hours and clearly outline the services to be performed, the expected time frame to complete the survey, and a lump sum fee so the client knows exactly what to expect.

Our staff ensures that our clients are engaged in the entire process and understand the various steps that we will take both in the field and in the office to bring a project to a successful conclusion. It is this dedication and trust that keeps our clients coming back and referring us to their family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. If you’re not yet a client but see one of our survey crews in your neighborhood don’t be shy. Ask them about the job they’re working on and how a survey could benefit you!