Miscellaneous Services

Miscellaneous Services

A2 Surveys LLC is not just a land surveying company. Many of our staff are also civil engineers holding either Engineer in Training certificates or Professional Engineering licenses. How is this relevant to the homeowner? There are many overlaps between the two disciplines but when it comes to a homeowner the two most significant issues we deal with are stormwater runoff problems and failing septic systems.

Drainage & Runoff:
If you are experiencing runoff issues such as water in your basement, standing water around your yard, your neighbor’s new addition or pool is causing water to flow onto your property you should contact our office. It is in your best interest to deal with these types of drainage and runoff issues early before they have a chance to compound in nature and seriously affect your home, septic system, driveway, etc. We can provide the necessary surveying and engineering services to help reduce if not eliminate the problems you are facing.

If you are planning to install an addition or even possibly a pool have you thought about how that structure will increase the runoff on your property or even change the drainage patterns? Every homeowner must be aware that if they do make improvements to their property, they can’t impact their neighbors by sending excess runoff on their property. We can assist homeowners with accurate design and plans that will help manage and control the storm water runoff associated with development. By factoring in existing and proposed buildings, driveways, and other physical features on the property we can help analyze your land’s drainage patterns and provide solutions on how to manage the runoff.

Depending upon your situation we offer consulting solutions that include topographic surveys, analysis of overland water movement, engineering design and even landscape design to address the drainage and runoff problems affecting your property.

Failing Septic Systems:
If your home isn’t connected to a municipal sewer system chances are you have a subsurface sewage disposal system commonly referred to as a septic system. What most homeowners don’t realize is that a septic system needs continued maintenance to ensure that it functions properly. In general, the level of maintenance required by the average homeowner is simply the pumping of your septic tank every three to five years depending on usage.

If, however, you have had sewage backups or breakouts (wet areas in your yard with dark green grass and very unpleasant smells) then you are experiencing a septic failure. Sometimes these issues can be corrected simply by pumping out your septic tank or removing a blockage within the septic system piping. Many times it is already too late when you start seeing symptoms.

Should you require a new septic system to replace one that is failing system or maybe you need to add on to your existing system in order to accommodate a recent addition to your home. In either case, the knowledgeable staff at A2 Surveys can help. We have extensive experience in design system repairs, as well as, new systems throughout Connecticut. We work with your local health department through the entire process of site evaluation, soil testing, design, permitting, and construction stakeout.

If you have further questions please feel free to contact us by phone or by email. We would be quite happy to learn how we can help you.